Drilling Engineer
Job Description

Principal Deliverables
 Detailed technical well design which meets the well objectives. Provides technical advice on well control contingencies on assigned rig.
 Develop specifications and standards for HSE critical elements and technical uncertainties inherent in well types, well concepts and technologies.
 To Produce fit for purpose drilling programmes for each well in compliance with Assala Gabon policies and standards. Ensure early delivery to all users as per performance contract.
 Design of well trajectories and insurance that path collision risks are highlighted and managed to an acceptable level.
 Conduct DWOP meeting to ensure safest and most efficient plans for operations in collaboration with contractors and key internal stakeholders
 Single point contact for rig communications and reporting of ongoing operations when managing operations under the supervision of the rig superintendent.
 Continually Contribute towards well design optimisation with collaboration with key stakeholders.
 Provide engineering support to the Drilling Supervisor as required
 Preparation of equipment and materials required for drilling, and overall logistics process to prevent any rig downtime. Requests materials and stock items as needed to support rig operations
 Assuring of proper quality of reporting from the rig 
 Ensure safe execution of drilling activities.  Participate in sharing the best practices ensuring lateral learning across Assets and other Assala operating units utilising network tools. 
 Ensuring the suitability to operational requirements of personnel, equipment and services.
 Coordination Service Companies involved in his rig operations.  Prepare Daily operations and HSE Reports.
 Minimizing production loss by optimizing the planning of drilling activities (execution, rig moves, wells’ start-up)
 Preparation of next drilling sites and adjacent 
Key Technical Attributes & Experience of
Health, Safety and Environment
 Provision of exemplary HSE Leadership in Well operations on site. 
 Planning and execution of the drilling operations in compliance with codes of practices, while optimizing and improving costs. 
 Ensuring that all assigned Assala Gabon personnel and contractors satisfy their duty of obligations onsite. Lead regular equipment inspections on location, report and act on the results of those audits
staff performing the Service
 Controls QA/QC process of service companies.  Ensuring all well work programs are designed with safety in mind, and that all major risks have been identified and mitigated with reviewing of JHA onsite
Planning & Organization  
 Utilization of good practices, controls and processes to safeguard technical integrity of Assala Gabon assets, in respect of drilling operations. 
 Provide technical inputs and Review Drilling Programs, and ensuring that they are fully fit for purpose and understood by all key personnel on site.
 Preparation of rig move plans to adhere to planning schedule.
 Accurate record keeping of information and data relating to Well files and well data, in line with Assala procedures.
 Interface with production, subsurface and logistics team members. Integrate and liaise with other entities to ensure efficient execution of Drilling programs
 Ensure event assessment or equipment failure reports are created, followed and closed out. 
 Maintain the Assala Gabon Wells Lessons learned database.   Operations:
 Apply and follow Assala Company rules and related international practices and standards. By default, if the standard is not explained by Company Rules, the API Recommended Practices are applicable
 Prepare drilling program, procedures, and ensure that deviations from programs are only executed with the appropriate level of technical authorisation.  Ensure all lessons learned are captured and shared within Assala and Contractors for operations optimization purposes.
 Ensures that Well Integrity principles and requirements are maintained in rig operations
 Control contractors’ equipment mobilization, site storage and utilization, and optimize the cost by timely demobilization of unnecessary items.  Reviews all proposed BHA and tallies during execution of the operations.

Required Qualifications / Experience of personnel executing the service
 Have an Engineering degree in Petroleum, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics or a similar technical field.
 Have twelve (10) or more years of drilling, completions and well interventions experience, where minimum 5 years were Operating Companies
 Fluent in English. French is advantage for communication on site (French-speaking majority).
 A IWCF Surface BOP Stack Certificate (Supervisory Level) is essential.
 Ability to work effectively with others. Strong interpersonal relations and communication skills. Forward looking problem solving. Autonomous and adaptable.
 Respectful and discreet to colleagues and contractors.
 Flexible and resourceful