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Department Manager

Published on: 02/2/23

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Department Manager Job Description


Department Manager

Position Title:   Department Manager / Manager cod COR 112029A       

Line Manager Position:  HoD Portfolio Management & Business Development

# of Reports (headcount): Direct 13    

Relevant KPIs (direct impact) (‚ā¨):

             OPEX: approx. 19mEUR p.a. projects volume

Budget / Budget / Buget: approx. 2mEUR

Purpose of position

The job holder is accountable for planning, scheduling, ensuring permitting and contracting as well as validation of all demolition and remediation projects for facilities in E&P and R&M.

Holds holistic overview on entire projects portfolio to ensure optimum project management, constant and continuous flow of activity and high efficiency.

Key responsibilities

1.          Leading the department Project Management Office with the accountability of projects management performance delivery related to facilities abandonment, demolition and remediation projects of facilities in E&P and facilities and other objectives in R&M.

2.          Leading the team of experts, project managers and specialists involved in the main demolition/dismantling and remediation projects planning, scheduling, contracting, realization and validation.

3.          Interface function with E&P assets for demolition & remediation projects of E&P facilities creating a common abandonment masterplan (long term) and yearly operational plans ensuring smooth transition and execution.

4.          Holds holistic overview on entire projects portfolio to ensure optimum project management activities, constant and continuous flow of activity and high efficiency

5.          Guarantor of compliance with governmental and statutory requirements.

HSE duties:

           to ascertain and respect the legislation’s provisions in the field of health and security at work, protection against fire and civil protection as long as their implementation measures;

           to use the equipment of the current and protection activity according to the technical instructions;

           not affect the good functioning, not alter, change or arbitrary remove the security devices in the building where he/she is working;

           to communicate immediately to the employer and/or assigned employees any situation on which he/she have serious reasons to consider as a danger for the security and health of the employees, as well as any malfunctioning of the protection system;

           to inform the line manager and/or the employer about the accidents suffered;

           to cooperate with the employer and/or assigned employees in order to make possible the implementation of any measures or requirements of the law or related authorities;

           to cooperate with the employer and/or the related authorities in order to allow a work environment and work conditions without risks for security and health;

           to act, according to the procedures established at the work place, in case of occurrence of any imminent fire danger or other emergency situation;

           to provide to assigned persons all known data and information concerning occurred work accidents and/or fires.

Main selling points of the position (for recruiting)

Interface function between R&M and E&P Assets

           Establishing common masterplan for demolition & remendiation for E&P facilities and for R&M projects

           Performing as a knowledge center: Ensures technical-engineering support and know-how transfer

           Advanced knowledge of project management (planning, permitting, contracting and budget administration)

Minimum Requirements

Education Master Diploma       Subject of education University degree in engineering.

A professional lead with extensive knowledge across own discipline. Has excellent understanding of the business context, all interfaces and interdependencies and manages complex workflows with other disciplines from Oil & Gas, with in-depth knowledge of R&M business.

Relevant professional experience¬†¬†ňÉ 12 years¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Relevant professional skills

1.          Ability to work with teams, capable of building and developing teams and to work with a variety of persons and organizations having diverse issues, concerns and agendas

2.          Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills, in particular around conflict resolution and relationship building

3.          Accomplished negotiator with sound analytical abilities and capable of cost control and administration

4.          Ability to analyze complex problems, interpret operational needs, and develop integrated, creative solutions

5.          Skilled in organizing resources and establishing priorities;

6.          Advanced knowledge in project planning and project budget management    

7.          Technical knowledge regarding works, services, materials and equipment which are necessary for project accomplishment according to the process flow

8.          Advanced knowledge of contractual commercial affairs management

9.          Proficiency to manage multiple projects and priorities demanding both rigorous attention to detail and high level comprehensive solutions


Planning and forecasting duties:

1.          Accountable project Representative within the organization of the big projects realization

2.          Securing of an appropriate project planning, permitting, contracting and control

3.          Compliance with deadlines and budget

4.          Ensuring coordinated interfaces to other related projects and stakholders

5.          Ensuring project execution in compliance with the company’s technical standards (incl. technical audits)

6.          Defines together with the Head of Department the strategic objectives of the department with regards to the services delivered and further development of the department, monitors their fulfillment

7.          Planning and steering of initiatives for the improvement / development of services, processes, systems and organization within PMO Department.

8.          Professional and personal leadership of the department - quantitative and qualitative planning and staffing

9.          Planning and selection of resources in alignment with line management

10.        Elaborate the MTP for the area of responsibility, in collaboration with the specific departments


1.          Manage Project Management Office department

2.          Ensuring appropriate functionality and communication within the department team as well as to the respective stakeholders

3.          Leads the development of the Department according to the requirements and the defined objectives of the department. Ensures that the department and its teams develop the necessary capabilities to provide the services and projects as required.

4.          Optimizes the assignment of resources for services and projects, aligned with line manager

5.          Organizes the activities of the Department by delegating responsibilities and assigning objectives to the subordinated

6.          Ensures the availability of necessary resources and capabilities for the department according to defined strategic objectives, budget and business requirements

7.          Ensure contract management and procurement processes for demolition and remediation projects and all the related services (scrap collecting, demolition, investigation & remediation, design & permitting, technical supervision, safety coordination etc).


1.          Coordinates the activities of the Department by supervising staff activities and monitors the delivered results against the set objectives

2.          Ensuring the interface to authorities

3.          Controls and coordinates the departments overall project portfolio

4.          Coordination of projects budget (cost control and stay within projects budget)

5.          Ensuring the processes regarding the procurement procedures and specialized support within the implementation period of the framework agreements/ public procurement contracts that were awarded through an awarding procedure regulated by public procurement law or procurement process.


1.          Provides regular, qualitative and quantitative and ad-hoc reports regarding the performance of the Department such as:

2.           resource allocation on department activities and projects

3.           projects status, deviations (quality/time/budget), cost / budget allocations, procurement processes status 


- Excellent communication and intercultural skills, both verbal and written preferably in English

- Strategic mindset,contributing to the development of a coherent overarching vision for the company

- Able to motivate and mobilize others; creates a team environment where everyone wants to do their best and deliver results

- Holds others accountable by monitoring progress and results, and giving effective feedback; able to make tough decisions when appropriate

- Demonstrated ability to build trust and strong cross-functional relationships across an organization to achieve common goals

- Takes a constructive and proactive approach to problem solving

- Professional with a high degree of integrity and honesty

- Thrives in a high pressure, fast-paced environment