Construction Manager Maritime Works
Job Description


▪ Manage and supervise yard production engineering activities and fabrication methods according to contract requirements

and projects objectives.

▪ Ensure time, cost, quality, safety and environmental protection objectives are met through the coordination of the projects

engineering and methods team and involved centres.

▪ Provide methodologies and tools, manage the availability of qualified personnel, their training and development. Promote an

active interaction with project team key functions.


• Ensure that fabrication cycle is carried out with full respect of group and project specific quality and HSE procedures

• Provide support during bid and project start-up phases, supporting the definition of most appropriate erec tion and

construction sequences

• Define project engineering organizational charts, staffing and personnel roles with engineering discipline departments and

define list of activities and deliverables, setup engineering time schedu le, coordinate activities according to contractual


• Ensure effective inter and multidisciplinary coordination controlling proper interfaces between engineering and other project

team, yard members and external engineering centers

• Ensure development and issuance of shop drawings, fabrication procedures, study and definition of operations for structural

components integrity in temporary intermediate conditions like lifting, handling and subassemblies

• Ensure development and issuance of calculation and procedures for lifting weighing, handling, load-out and ballasting

• Contribute to the definition of barge selection and guarantee interfaces with certification bodies and port authorities

• Ensure design, if required, of grillage and sea fastening

• Ensure execution of Mechanical Completion activities

• Coordinate all discipline engineering activities (electrical, piping, etc)

• Coordinate fabrication welding, coating, painting and insulation engineering activities

• Ensure full comprehension of documentation in order to grant construction effectiveness, complementing activities done by

Engineering department

• Ensure the definition of materials takes off, issuance of purchase requisition and technical bid evaluation for yard-provided


• Support definition and p reparation of the subcontractor scope of work for shop drawings development and issue and for

construction, assemblies and fabrications activities

• Manage the site queries including material substitution, if necessary, revert to the Clent's and Head Office's Engineering

departments when needed for securing the technical answers

• Ensure the interface with both Client's and Head Office's Engineering departments

• Participate to risk management for the engineering concerns

• Provide technical support to Yard Project Coordinators for variations requests and change orders

• Track revision of drawings indicating reasons of modifications and supporting Yard Project Coordinators in elaboration of


• Contribute to Project reports for the engineering part (activities, quantities, budget, areas of concern) and to Project plan

definition by providing engineering milestones and requirements (weekly progress)

• Supervise initiation and maintenance of project files and preparation of the engineering final dossier