Oil and Gas Project Management, Engineering & Construction Management

Construction Manager
Published on: 01/27/21

Middle East
Job Description

Major Functions

• This is a rotation position, based at the Khormor Gas Processing Plant, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

• Management of EPC contractor in the execution of construction activities for the Debottlenecking Project

works and the timely completion of these activities to protect Company interests.

• To implement and monitor a constructability programme with the EPC contractor.

• To Implement construction procedures, plans and schedules for execution of the construction work scope

associated with the Debottlenecking Project.

• To ensure satisfactory levels of HSE performance from EPC Contractor with respect to construction

activities at Site.

• To ensure quality of constructed facilities in accordance with project contractual requirements.

Essential Functions

• Reporting to the Project Manager and responsible for the Construction Work Unit associated with the


• Provide input during engineering phase of project to constructability aspects

• Have a full knowledge and understanding of the Contract conditions and cost and schedule requirements.

• Ensure that the project construction activities are executed in accordance with approved procedures.

• Ensure satisfactory construction procedures are developed, negotiated, implemented and closed-out

throughout the project.

• Ensure the construction works are executed in accordance with Project HSE requirements.

• Stimulates challenges and supports the EPC Contractor to strive for easy/simple solutions and to avoid

unnecessary delays to the schedule.

• To ensure the effectively liaison and co-ordination by EPC Contractor between construction and

commissioning activities during System Completion Phase.


• Participate in the development of detailed schedules

• Ensure construction schedules are consistent with Company overall Project requirements.

• Ensure that all tasks assigned by the Project Manager are completed on time and within budget.

• Actively participate in the EPC Contractor’s HSE processes of construction hazard and identification,

including risk analysis and mitigation and the development of appropriate construction methodologies.

• Attend internal / external Project reviews and other meetings, as necessary.

• Keep up to date with and adhere to Company and Project related procedures

• Be familiar with Company construction and safety issues.

• Produce construction and safety inputs/reports as required.

• When required assist EPC Contractor in its interface management with third parties and external



Minimum Educational, Technical Qualifications/Certifications and Experience Required

• Bachelor of Science in Engineering and/or in Construction Management. Extensive trade qualifications

and experience in lieu will be considered.

• At least 15 years’ experience in the construction of industrial facilities.

• At least 10 years’ experience in petroleum processing facilities, refineries, petrochemicals and pipeline


• At least 5 years working in a non-native country with a language different to your native one.

• Demonstrated 3 years’ experience in working in a 3rd world environment, or an active military conflict


Special Requirements and Conditions

• Khormor Rotation 4 weeks on / 4 weeks off

• Ability to work in physically-demanding hostile desert conditions – temperatures of -15˚C to +50˚C