Compliance Surveyor
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Job Description

WTS Energy is seeking to hire Compliance Surveyor for it's client in Dubai

Job Summary

1. Focal point for Site Team to reflect on Contractor performance related to the employer requirements.

2. Stay abreast of issues and progress on the Site, predominantly Platform Topside fabrication Site;

a. First pass check if an issue is an issue of Contractor (Subcontractor) compliance or is an issue requiring different behavior / management on company side, or if progress is falling behind schedule

b. In case of a Contractor (Subcontractor) compliance issue then:

i. Collect applicable documents references;

ii. Collect evidence related to the issue, file into a dedicated directory (relevant communications, MoMs, photo evidence with date and place, etcetera);

iii. Build storyline for letter communication based on facts;

iv. Prepare case letter to Contractor.

c. If progress is falling behind or recovery of a delay is not proceeding as required:

i. Collect evidence (plans versus reality; photo file);

ii. Build storyline for letter communication based on facts;

iii. Prepare case letter Contractor.

3. Regular alignment with Netherlands based Project/Contract Management (2-way communication):

a. Align on issues overview;

b. Align on Variations status and list;

c. Check if there has been earlier letter communications with Contractor on on-going issues;

d. Align on action plan with respect to on-gong issues (who, what, when);

e. Take up agreed actions on Project/Contract Manager's discretion.

4. Where agreed with the Project/Contract Manager negotiate solution on Site and document what has been agreed.


Candidate profile:

* FIDIC YB experienced, preferably with knowledge of Roman law based law system.

* Experience with position negotiating;

* Listener, agile, assertive, with a focus on achievement of the Project goals (helicopter view,   but also prepared to go into detail);

* Aware of EU tendering law sensitivity;

* Understanding requirement, not afraid to ask team mates where to find relevant references;

* You have experience (5 years +) in compliance management for offshore constructions, preferably in offshore wind platforms;

* You are able to contribute to a cooperative environment between all parties involved, mitigate stress and animosity, and escalate persisting problems to Project Management;

* You have knowledge about standards and norms applicable for offshore wind platform fabrication;

* You have experience in and successes with working within multi-national teams in remote areas;

* You are able to work and perform independently in remote areas;

* You have good communication and reporting skills and are able to organize and schedule activities well;

* You have a strong work delivery ethic;

* You are fluent in English, both verbally and in writing. Dutch is a plus;

* Resident in the UAE or alternatively willing to reside for a longer period of time in the UAE.