Combustion Equipment Specialist – Flares / Incinerators
Job Description


▪ Perform technical tasks assigned by the Fired Equipment Lead, related with mechanical design.

Check drawings in

accordance with Project requirements within the assigned time and quality standards

▪ Follow all Project interfaces, supervise in/out information flow and control technical activities

performed by sub-contractors

and vendors

▪ Operate as general support for the Fired Equipment Dept. according to the Dept. workloads

▪ Learn discipline details and thermal design of equipment


1. Knowledge of Direct Fired Incinerators and Flares regulated by API 537 standard.

2. Experience and ability to carry out the following EPC Contractor activities:

a. Critical review of general specifications (Client’s / Licensor’s / Others’).

b. Preparation of General Specifications.

c. Preparation of Technical Specifications

d. Preparation of sketches or conceptual drawings (when required).

e. Issue of all documents/specifications that shall be included in the inquiry package

(Supply Specification, Inspection Datasheet, Battery Limits graphical identification,


f. Technical evaluation of vendor bids and subsequent issue of the Technical Bid

Evaluation (TBE) document package.

g. Vendor Follow-up, after Purchase Order Issue.

3. Knowledge of the main calculation codes/standards relevant to combustion equipment (API

and ASME codes, as a minimum).

4. Familiarity with calculation software for combustion equipment.

5. At least 3÷4 years experience in the position; at least 2 lots of each type of equipment

exchangers followed in terms of either Engineering, TBE and Vendor Follow-Up activities.

6. The preferred nominations are those of specialists coming from manufacturers of Direct

Fired Incinerators and Flares.