Oil and Gas Project Services


Published on: 12/12/22

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Buyer Job Description

Carry out all the activities necessary to purchase goods and/or services/subcontracts, in compliance with given cost/time/quality requirements and with Corporate/Company policies and standards and work instructions.

Tasks include:

• Issues Request for Quotations based on the Purchase Requests.

• Support the vendors during the preparation of the technical/commercial proposals with obligation of confidentiality about the related bid info.

• Prepare the commercial/economic bid tabulation to compare different proposals and suggest actions to be taken to improve bid result and/or select the vendor.

• Lead the commercial/economic negotiation.

• Prepare the purchase order/subcontract based on standard General Purchase Terms and Conditions and Project Special Purchase Conditions, if any, and managing possible deviations.

• Close out the bid process receiving purchase/subcontract confirmation by selected vendor and informing the unsuccessful vendors about negative result of their bid.

• Follow up and negotiate, if necessary, purchase order/subcontract revisions.

• Perform the assigned activities in compliance with procedures and provided systems and tools.

• Check and comment the technical documentation received with the Purchase Requisition and Technical Evaluation.

• Manage contractual documentation (Archive) before the issue to centralized archive.

• Participates at issuance of the documents belonging to the Company Document System, preparing the documents relevant to the process.

• Participates at improvement of procurement tools, methodologies and processes application in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of procurement activities.

• Develops administrative activities according to departmental/project’s needs, in accordance with company’s procedures.

• Depending on each project magnitude and the split of responsibilities among department, each buyer will be in charge with one or more of the above-mentioned activities. The list is not exhaustive, allowing an extension other activity in procurement domain.

• Be discreet in managing information and tactful / polite in interpersonal relationships.

• Fully adheres and respects to the Company internal procedures and regulations.

• The employee must strictly observe all the internal HSE specific procedures, as well as those issued by the building administration.

• Employees tasks are not limited to the ones described above and could be extended as per Employer discretion and depending on the company business even though in full compliance with Romanian labor law and within the sphere of good sense and applicability.


• Think through situations from different perspectives and take the appropriate risks and decisions. Be aware and take into considerations costs/benefits and organizational implications.

• Lead and steer actions with full accountability and tenacity to ensure successful outcomes. Set goals and plan the actions needed to meet short - and long-term targets.

• Support the organization mission with own behavior and act to promote the organization’s goals and reputation.

• Act in a trustworthy manner; be consistent with what you say, with personal and organizational values. Act with integrity even though it implies making difficult decisions.

• Understand market dynamics and trends that affect the business. Be focused on the long-term business strategy and consequently set priorities and actions. 

• Be open to change and continuous improvement, and in fact drive these by energizing people to the specific need for modifications to the way things are done.

• Collaborate with peers or teams of different functions and countries to achieve success collectively. Share useful information and build trust by listening to all stakeholders. Be interested in other individuals' perspectives and concerns.

• Lead the group with credibility towards the achievement of team objectives, making people aware of their responsibilities and ensuring their commitment by engaging and empowering them. Support individual development by mentoring and coaching.

• Search for opportunities to increase and improve your own know-how and competencies. Encourage others to increase their know-how. Curiosity and an orientation for learning are implied.

• Create opportunities to share knowledge with others. Transfer own know-how and experience. Create a learning environment and contribute to building company know-how.

• Communicate in a simple, clear, and assertive way. Adapt own approach to different audience to have a positive impact and to gain support for own agenda.

• Collect, understand, and share organizational and business information, leveraging digital channels. Be aware of the need to share key information properly to ensure the best response.