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Business Continuity Management and Emergency Response Specialist
Published on: 06/14/22

Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Job Description


Manage and maintain the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and the Crisis & Emergency Management System. Ensure all relevant plans and procedures are fit for purpose through internal reviews, assessment drills and implementation of necessary updates to documents and facilities. Provision of technical expertise to all departments in relation to BC, Crisis and Emergency Management as required.


* Manage and coordinate the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), to effectively implement the program and maintain the operations phase of the BCMS, ensuring it is compliant with applicable laws and applicable standards / best practices.

* In coordination with Sr. Manager Risk Management and Safety, develop, maintain and implement business continuity strategies and solutions, resulting from risk assessments, business impact analyses and ensure update of the BCMS documentation.

* Implement relevant consultancy contracts overseeing the implementation of the BCMS, crisis and emergency management system, activities and reports to management as required.

* Plan and conduct regular business continuity and emergency/crisis management-related drills and exercises to test the adequacy of existing plans and strategies

* Ensure lessons learned from drills, exercises and real disruption events are properly collected and engineered back into the BCMS and Crisis/Emergency Management system as improvements / corrective actions.

* Manage all documentation relating to the BCMS and Crisis/Emergency Management system and ensure its regular updates are conducted and coordinated with other relevant business units, as required.

* Manage training and awareness activities related to BC, Crisis and Emergency Management and ensure that all personnel with specific BC, Crisis and Emergency Management responsibilities are adequately trained.

* Support BC, Crisis and Emergency Management assessments and audits, in addition to reviewing and managing the implementation of agreed actions.

* Support the departments in updating and conducting their business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessments on a regular basis.

* Support the EMT/CMT during real emergencies to ensure appropriate response processes are being followed.

* Support all the departments and business units to exercise, update and maintain their specific business continuity plans and procedures, including revision of specific BIA and risk assessment and maintaining the BCMS.

* Monitor, measure, analyze, and evaluate the overall performance of the BCMS and Crisis & Emergency Management system and advice management of actions needed to improve compliance and/or achieve related objectives.

* Support Sr. Manager Risk Management and Safety in the implementation of the company Risk Management programs by providing and following up on the necessary inputs into the Company risk register and assisting in keeping the register up to date.

* Develop and oversee the implementation of corporate crisis and emergency management plans and assist business units with the preparation of ERPs and bridging documents with Contractors and third parties.

* Provide technical support to the Crisis Management Team (CMT), Emergency Management Teams (EMTs) and Emergency Response Teams (ERTs).

* Oversees the maintenance and periodic upgrade of all BC, emergency and crisis facilities and systems, in addition to ensuring all responsible custodians perform weekly checks of their responsible centers.

* Ensure all emergency rotations and emergency contact lists are in place and up to date for all emergency duty teams and well managed by responsible custodians.

* Ensure BC, Emergency and Crisis systems meet regulatory requirements for both Qatar and UAE and best industry practices.

* Provide advice to Facility Management and HSE&S teams on facilities’ emergency response arrangements and evacuation procedures from Company assets.

* Assist in preparation and running evacuation exercises, where necessary.

* Perform other similar or related duties as required or assigned by Sr. Manager Risk Management and Safety.


Minimum Educational Requirements / Qualifications:

* Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, science, or relevant discipline.

* Certification from recognized institutes and or professional organizations.

Minimum Experience: 

* 8 to 10 years of relevant experience in business continuity and emergency management, including at least 4 years in positions of progressively increasing managerial responsibilities.

Skills and Competencies:

* Effective interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.

* Good analytical and judgmental skills.

* Good planner/organizer.

* Team player.

* Clear/logical thinker.

* Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.

* Knowledge of Arabic and experience in working in the Gulf Area is an advantage.

* PC skills.

* Availability and flexibility to work in different places is an added advantage.