5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming An Engineer

Engineering is behind everything we do. From inventing, designing, and building, engineering solves everyday problems while making things run better, safer, and smoother.

However, although it’s a rewarding career, it also comes with hardships.

Here below are a few things (good and bad) some engineers wish they knew before jumping into the profession:

1) You might do a lot of traveling.

This one is particularly true for engineers in the Energy Industry. With energy projects spread all around the globe, it is a common sight to work alongside expats in the field. While living the expatriate experience is life-changing to most people, energy engineers often mobilize to remote locations. This can be a unique opportunity, but it can also be tricky if you have a family.

2) You will need more social skills than imagined.

What has surprised a lot of engineers is how people-oriented the career actually is. Engineers spend a lot of time closely working with each other, so making sure your social and communication skills are on top of their game quickly becomes a priority.

3) Grades matter. But not that much.

Especially during university years, most people tend to focus on achieving the best grades possible. While that is a factor worth paying attention to, employers focus more on the projects candidates have worked on, instead of their grades. So, spend more time thinking about how the things you learned could be applied on side projects or hobbies. This is the best way to get in rhythm with the industry.

4) You are not guaranteed to find a job after graduation.

While engineering careers are some of the most established and prestigious, competition is high. And, as the majority of the workforce nears their retiring age, the game doesn’t get easier. More slots available surely mean more hiring opportunities, but it also increases the pressure to stand out among all candidates.

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5) You’ll end up loving the work.

Being an engineer is a stressful but addictive lifestyle that keeps you curious, dynamic, and young at heart. It is a respected and rewarding profession that allows you to broaden your horizons and gain new perspectives while pursuing your personal development and collecting a handful of fun once-in-a-lifetime experiences and stories.

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