The Role of Liquified Natural Gas in the Global Energy Mix

liquified natural gas process of production

You have probably heard of it. Liquefied Natural Gas serves as a solution for locations far away from pipelines. It is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state, at about -162° Celsius, for shipping and storage and in recent times it is considered an alternative because of its lighter effect on the […]

Asset Management for Oil and Gas Projects: Importance, Challenges and Best Practices

The world’s need for energy is largely met by the oil and gas sector. Oil and gas project success and sustainability depend heavily on effective asset management. To accomplish the desired result, asset management entails the strategic and systematic planning, deployment, and operation of assets. Table of Contents How Important is it to Manage your […]

Welding Jobs: What does a Welder do, locations, salary and more

On ships, oil rigs, and other offshore platforms, there are welding roles referred to as offshore welding jobs. These welding positions frequently require the welder to have particular knowledge and expertise, as well as the ability to function under difficult circumstances. What skills are looked for in a welder? The oil and gas sector relies […]