Gamification in HR: Three Leading Examples

Energy Transition

An approach that has been around for quite some years now: Gamification in HR. We know for sure when the “gamification” term emerged. In 2002, Nick Pelling, a British programmer, and creator of the computer game Frak!, coined this term designing a game-like interface for ATMs and vending machines. Gamifying can be an amazing tool […]

How Kenya’s Renewables Industry is Paving the Way in Africa

Engineer working at a wind farm producing energy. He is doing so during the sunset after working for long hours. His job has the latest technology in use.

As you are reading this, Kenya has 73% of its installed power generation capacity coming from renewable energy sources, whilst 90 percent of electricity used in the East African country is generated by green energy sources such as geothermal, wind, solar and hydroelectric. A greatly promising industry that has grown in the last ten years making […]

The Pandemic Uncovered Staffing Issues, What’s Next?

professional oil engineer standing in front of an oil driller

As labor markets recover from the pandemic, the Dutch case stands out among all countries. What did that represent for staffing practices? How can HR recruiters respond? The expected scenario: Long-term unemployment What are labor markets expected to look like during the recovery period?  During the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries (if not all) forcefully shut […]

How To Attract Recruiters To Your LinkedIn Profile

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is now the most popular and most used platform for professional networking, job seeking and job posting.  And as such, it should be taken with the utmost seriousness.  Specially in a day and age where checking your online professional profiles has become a key step in the recruiting process.  Here, a […]