Understanding O&Gs Industry’s Up-,Mid- and Downstream Stages.

worker checking oil pipeline

The oil and gas industry is often perceived as complex and difficult to comprehend. However, by breaking it down into its three main stages – upstream, midstream, and downstream – the industry’s processes become more straightforward. It’s akin to navigating a choose-your-own-adventure book, only instead of fantastical creatures, you delve into the fascinating world of […]

Hydroelectric Power: A Crucial Part of the Energy Mix

hydroelectric dam aereal view

Hydroelectric power, also referred to as hydropower, is a clean and renewable energy source that uses the force of moving water to produce electricity. This technology has been around for more than a century and has grown in significance as the world tries to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels and lessen the effects of […]

The Graduate’s Guide to Starting a Career in the Energy Industry

One of the more defining factors of the energy industry is the constant growth it is experiencing, even in moments of world crises such as the global Covid-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. These factors, combined with government investments in alternative energy sources are creating new job positions of varying skill levels […]

Is the Transferability of Talent From Oil and Gas Helping Accelerate the Energy Transition?

The energy industry is witnessing an accelerating rate of talent transfer from traditional energy roles into renewables. A new study conducted by Robert Gordon University (RGU) revealed that over 90% of oil and gas personnel have medium to high skills transferability. This puts them in a strong position to work within related energy sectors such as offshore […]

What is LTI and Why Do Energy Companies Keep Track of It?

Working in the Energy Industry involves careful consideration of the safety during their operations. Being far away from land, very high up on a windmill or very deep in a well brings the question as to how to keep personnel with as minimum risk of injury as possible. Why is it necessary to keep track […]

Energy Transition: 5 New Podcasts To Check Out

After seeing how well our article on 5 Energy Transition Podcasts was received from the community, WTS Energy would like to present you with five additional Energy Transition podcasts worth your time! The energy industry is moving at a fast pace and it is challenging to stay on top of everything happening. This is why […]