HSE: What to Expect when Embedding it into your Operations?

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), describe processes or activities like, planning, implementation, control, optimization that are carried out by companies to ensure the protection of the working environment. In addition, the following abbreviations are also used to describe this process: Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Environment, Health & Safety […]

The Top 5 Oil and Gas Trends to Expect in 2023.

Oil platform with the sun rising behind, showing prosperity

With many ups and downs and uncertainties affecting different levels of society, the Oil and Gas industry has seen itself in varying scenarios, making it the one of the most reported about industries in 2022.  The Oil and Natural Gas industry is not new to surprise disruptions and price volatility, but the situation is unique […]

Why Implementing Operations and Maintenance is Integral to Your Projects?

Imagine being responsible for a sizable project that handles complicated big machines. Many things can go wrong and put the personnel and the environment in danger. This is why Operations and Maintenance management, also called operational management or O&M is important. With O&M maintenance and care of assets of a company that do not require […]

WTS Energy Appoints New CEO: Jean Paul de Jong

WTS Energy is proud to announce the appointment of Jean Paul (JP) de Jong as new CEO, effective January 1, 2023.   THE HAGUE, NL – Jean Paul joined WTS Energy in July of 2022 and performed as COO for the company. Overlooking our 20 offices around the world from our main office in The […]

What is an Oil Rig? – Life, Jobs and Career on the Rig

Big oil rig at sea, offshore

Oil rigs are floating structures that protrude above the ocean waters where drilling, extracting, and refining operations take place. These structures can be surrounded by water or sit on shallow seabeds. Out of sight of land, oil rigs are often hundreds of miles from the nearest major city and any other kidn of infrastructure. Oil […]

(Offshore) Wind Energy: 5 Mind-blowing Facts of this Promising Industry

The world of wind power holds exciting opportunities for the energy transition. Wind power is a popular sustainable renewable energy source. Historically, wind power has been harnessed by ships using their sails, windmills that milled grain and windpumps used to pump water out of soil.  Windfarms consist of many individual turbines connected to an electric […]