Top 7 Energy Trends in 2021

Energy Trends for 2021

Forecasting energy trends is never easy. Now, after a rather challenging year, there are even more factors to count in. For instance:  Pandemic restriction measures: lockdowns, remote working, curfews Employment rates and disposable income rates which will directly affect economic recovery Shifts in travel and trade Changes in demand for oil and natural gas, and […]

2020’s Oil Industry: A Brief Recap

Oil Industry in 2020

A couple months into 2020, planes stopped flying, roads cleared out and Zoom took over the world, what did this mean for the oil industry? The global demand for oil barrels -which had amounted to 100 million per day the year before-, dropped to 29 million a day in 2020. A lot of major industry […]

Covid Energy Stimulus Packages: 3 Things To Look Out For

Energy Stimulus Packages

Already, the impacts in the energy industry call for monetary relief, and governments are responding. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has analyzed the upcoming energy-related stimulus packages. According to their report, we can expect the following 3 key points: – Relief measures prioritized over stimulus packages: As of October 2020, governments across several countries announced […]