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Operational Support Services

Find out more on how we provide truly Global Operational Support Services. Our end-to-end Services cover your full project life cycle requirements. Let’s talk!

Global Payroll Services

We offer Payroll Services wherein Contractors are technically employed by WTS Energy instead of working directly for the end customer.

Visa & Work Permits

WTS Energy extends support to mobilise Consultants Globally which includes visa application and Work Permits for the country of assignment.

Taxes & Compliancy

In-depth knowledge of taxes and local compliance to ensure consultants and businesses are in compliance with the latest regulations.

Insurance Assistance

We provide comprehensive insurance assistance. We propose the most suitable insurance policies for each individual or project.

Global Mobilisation

WTS Energy provides complete support to the Consultants throughout the duration of their contract. We provide mobilisation and demobilisation services.

Money makes the world go round

Global Payroll services

We offer payroll services through which contractors are technically employed by WTS Energy instead of working directly for the clients. 

Besides managing the legal, administrative and financial aspects of employment, WTS Energy’s payroll services helps the oil and gas companies to streamline their recruitment and employment processes.

Payroll services are suitable for companies who are not registered in Countries where they wish to employ Consultants or if they are seeking to hire short-term Contractors  with flexible contracts in different locations.

With operations spread all over the world and multiple projects running simultaneously, payrolling is a convenient solution . WTS Energy reduces and simplifies the recruitment and employment process for a selected group of Consultants or an entire team. 

Welcome to our Operational Support Services!

What about the travel documents?

Visa & Work Permit Services

WTS Energy extends support to mobilise consultants, including visa application for the country of assignment. We consider all the factors like area of work (offshore or onshore), cost of living expenses, employment duration and travel requirements to secure visas, with minimal hassle. We offer assistance with transit, entry and exit visas to cover the term of employment, and help in obtaining visas for additional locations, in case of business trips during the assignment’s duration.

Obtaining a work permit is a crucial step for any successful assignment, as they are necessary before other requirements like accommodation and transportation. WTS Energy’s support services also includes facilitation of work permits for our contracted oil and gas professionals. We consider every aspect like assignment duration, work schedule, area of work, notice period etc. for the application process.

With our active consultants spread out in the energy producing regions, worldwide, we are regularly updated and aware of the latest regulations related to the visa application process, globally.

WTS Energy has an in-depth knowledge of taxation and local compliance.

We consider factors that impact tax contributions, like compensation packages, expenses, per diem reimbursements and local living allowances. Beside that we provide assistance for Energy Contractors with their income taxes and Social Security contributions. 

We also help consultants to register for their local tax identity numbers.

For new businesses and operations, we provide support on a corporate level, like registration of the entity with local tax and commercial authorities.

Being compliant with local regulations

Taxes and Local Compliance

But we need insurance too

Insurance assistance

We will make sure your health is safeguarded at all times.

Our consultants’ health and well being is of the utmost importance.

WTS Energy takes care of issuing insurance plans for consultants in any country of assignment. We make sure these coverage plans are tailored to the consultant’s needs and the project’s specifications, allowing for a safe, stress-free working period. And, by partnering with providers that have international coverage, our consultants are covered even in the mobilization and demobilization stages. 

We facilitate a comprehensive mobilisation, de-mobilisation and repatriation programme which we can fully tailor to your requirements.

WTS Energy provides complete support to Consultants throughout the duration of their contract. We facilitate a comprehensive mobilisation programme, which is initiated on the acceptance of offer, and progresses with the arrangement of visas, insurances, work permits, accommodation and more. Mobilisation concludes with a repatriation process to ensure a smooth transition once the job is done.

We address every aspect of the mobilisation phase ranging from flights, local transportation to medical assistance, security measures and evacuation plans.

Through our network of regional offices we provide superior on-the-ground support. Each consultant has a local point of contact to answer questions, offer advice and provide emergency assistance. We also work with a network of local clinics and hospitals to ensure medical support is always nearby.

How do we get there?

Global Mobilisation