Visa & Work Permit Services

Visa Services
WTS Energy extends support to mobilise consultants which includes visa application for the country of assignment. We consider all the factors like area of work (offshore or onshore), cost of living expenses, employment duration and travel requirements to secure visas, with minimal hassle. We offer assistance with transit, entry and exit visas to cover the term of employment, and help in obtaining visas for additional locations, for consultant’s business trips during their assignment.

With our active consultants spread out in the energy producing regions, worldwide, we are regularly updated and aware of the latest regulations related to the visa application process, globally.

Work Permit Services
Obtaining a work permit is a crucial step for any successful assignment, as they are necessary before other requirements like accommodation and transportation. WTS Energy’s support services also includes facilitation of work permits for our contracted oil and gas professionals. We consider every aspect like assignment duration, work schedule, area of work, notice period etc. for the application process.

We are aware of all the latest requirements and amendments of the local work permit process, globally.

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