Rigger jobs

WTS Energy helps major energy companies fill their most important vacancies, including rigger jobs. If you have experience in the petrochemical industry and are searching for an exciting new position, browse through our current job openings or create a candidate account and tell us more about your experience.

Rigger jobs with attractive contracts

Many rigger jobs are based on short-term contracts, but we also recruit for long-term senior positions like rigging coordinators. Regardless of your employment period, these challenging roles generally come with very attractive salaries. Projects vary from construction and repair to pre-fab installations. Besides the necessary experience and certifications, successful riggers must excel at working within a team.

Travel and international experience

Rigger jobs provide amazing opportunities to travel the world and work with a team of experts from every corner of the globe. To ensure your success wherever you’re based, WTS offered superior support during your employment period through our network of regional offices. If you’re looking for a new rigger job, contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

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