A changing world requires

Renewable Energy Services

In today’s world the demand for Renewable Energy Services is growing and with it, the number of exciting technologies and projects to generate renewable sources increase.

Around the Globe

We have been supplying highly skilled Engineers and Project managers in the Renewable Sector since 2007. WTS Energy is currently involved in Wind Energy (North Sea, East Africa), Solar (Middle East), Geothermal (various locations), Wind/Solar and other projects around the Globe.

In emerging markets like Africa, Asia and South America developments in Renewable Energy follow each other quickly.

Here, there is space for Solar Energy, Wind Farms, Hydro Dams and Dynamic Tidal Power Stations to grow. We can provide trained and highly skilled professionals to engineer and build this structures in an efficient and effective way. 

Renewable Energy Staff and Solutions

New Energy Professionals

WTS Energy supplies those professionals. We have the people and offices at exact those locations where these green energy developments are happening.

We have the knowledge to help your company getting the job done. From finding those skilled engineers to handling all the paperwork and pay rolling.