Operations geophysicist

The world’s leading energy companies rely on WTS Energy to fill their essential vacancies, including operations geophysicist jobs. With offices or an operational presence in a variety of major petroleum-producing regions, WTS not only helps you find the right job, we also offer in-depth local knowledge and excellent on-the-job support.

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WTS offers operations geophysicist jobs across a range of specialties, both onshore and offshore. In this position, you’ll be expected to work closely with engineers and other technical experts to interpret seismic data, measure reservoir volumes, determine potential yields and more. Skilled operations geophysicists are crucial to the success of the energy industry, and you can expect an attractive salary that reflects your responsibilities.

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Whether you’re searching for a permanent or contract position, our vacancies cover a wide range of specialties and geographies. If you don’t immediately see a suitable position, simply create a candidate account and tell us more about your experience and interests. We’ll help you find an operations geophysicist job that fits your requirements.

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