Safety Cards

Action the good and the bad!

You want to track the safe behaviour onsite or offsite. You want be able to improve your process and operations and above all you want your worker to be safe! Safety Cards is your solution.

An open solution, supporting safe and unsafe behaviour registration, Incident registration, defects and more!

Drive based on your life saving rules or other HSE programs and get clear actionable results!

Combine Safety Cards with Training and Competency Management and actively start improving your workforce, safety onsite and action follow-up.

Track defects with Defect Reporting and start analysing to promote preventive Maintenance.

Configured to your needs, based on Industry Best Practices and ready when you are. Offline and Online.

Always On

Our Mobile App can be used Online and Offline. It automatically synchronises inbound and outbound changes once a connection is available. Low bandwidth? Not an issue!

Always improve

Report on unsafe and safe behaviour. Action unsafe behaviour and analyse improvement areas. Register in-field defects and start and get insights to further improve you preventive Maintenance plan.

Always User Centric

Simplicity is key while developing our software. Not only the easy of use but also the user interaction.
Minimise clicks, maximise information captured, excel in End User experience.