Daily Activity Logging

online, offline and on the fly!

Not only the Energy sector but lots of other Industries require detailed logs of activities performed in the field. Digital Daily Activity Logging is the solution.

Auditing, Compliancy, traceability, name it! We all know the burden of paperwork and missing details. Documenting the actions of cable joints and attaching the proof. Termination Reporting. Replacing equipment in remote locations, even operational rounds. 

Everything is possible.

Daily Activity Logging - WTS Energy

Our integrated, configurable, DAL application allows you to use your creativity to further improve, enhance, monitor and manage your daily operation. Tie Daily Activity Logging in with our Shift Management solution and increase your insights immediately.

For internal staff or external, on a daily basis or for projects, online or offline. Or maybe you want to have it all. 

You decide, we provide!

Multi Purpose

Configure as you like, integrate with third party systems or directly tie in with our platform apps. There is no limit to your creativity.

Multi Industry

Energy, Renewable Energy, Construction or Production. We all need to track, audit and control. Hit the ground running with our best practises.

Multi USER

You don't want to be limited by availability of infrastructure or capacity. You have field workers and office workers with different requirements