Competency Management

is there more my staff can do?

Yes, we also track certificates and related expiry dates. But what about competencies of your staff or external staff?

Daily life isn’t about certificates only. Staff build up skills, competencies and experience during their career. This is where Competency Management comes in.

Let’s combine the competencies with daily jobs and efficiently and effectively use the knowledge and experience we have!

Competency Management - WTS Energy

Configure your own competency assessments and schedule them periodically. See where improvement is needed or support your staff with their personal goals.

Map competencies with certificates and enter the world of 360 degree insights! Effectively plan your staff on the jobs where they fit best, perform efficiently and reduce execution time. 

Competency Management, never stop learning!

Gain insight

What is your staff actually capable of. Can a Contractor do more than the specific job he was hired for? Start mapping your competency levels in combination with certification and create you own unbeatable workforce.

Gain time

What if you could reduce turnaround times of specific tasks. Use the skills and experience you have onsite. This would mean that tasks are executed more efficiently and planning becomes more effective.

Gain Financially

Reduce time spent on activities without losing out on quality means financial gains. Assign contractor staff to other activities based on their profile and optimise the execution time onsite.