To empower sustainable energy, we dedicate our deep knowledge and can-do attitude to help change energy behavior. Our Engineering and Consultancy Solutions Package is available for all project types, in all regions of the world. 

Are you looking for tangible results? 

Our feasibility studies will be the blueprint for your plant’s success.

We’ll put together a plan that outlines all vital information for the development of your project such as: funding needs, market opportunities, regulations, risks, strengths and weaknesses. 

We can provide strategic reviews and policy advice based on considerations that need to be kept in mind regarding community-based groups, other businesses, local authorities and nearby developers. 

What else do we provide

Technical solution studies

Our Technical Solution studies focus on the current and future technical state of your plant. We analyse available documentation by means of a desktop review and provide you with our conclusion and recommendations. 

  • We execute an energy analysis of the area. During this process we look at possible sources in the evacuation of the produced power, the degree of charge of the installation (present and future), the energy balance and the available capacity of transport and distribution in the area.
  • Also we provide the analysis of the debiting solutions in the system from the point of view of the thermal and safety indicators in the delimitation points for the studied solutions, as well as their economic calculation.