We actively support the

Energy Transition

The Energy Transition brings new challenges and opportunities to all of us. Initiatives to move toward more sustainable and less-carbon intensive power generation require organisations to introduce more flexibility and agility to their operations.

Specific and new expertise is required. Different project approaches are needed and the technology should be there to support it.

WTS Energy is here to help and support you during this process.

We have been supplying highly skilled Engineers and other professionals to the Renewable Sector since 2007. 

WTS Energy is currently involved in multiple energy transitions projects for Wind Energy, Solar and Geothermal around the globe.

As a result, trained and highly skilled professionals is what we provide. 

Local content development is one of our pillars to support our goal to provide you with the best professionals.

trained and highly skilled staff

Around the globe

You are looking for

New energy professionals

WTS Energy supplies those professionals. We have the people and offices at exact those locations where the energy transition developments are happening.

The in-house knowledge to help your company getting the job done makes the difference. From finding those skilled engineers, providing flexible staffing solutions to handling all the paperwork and pay rolling.

We have actively supporting the energy transition for many years, partnering with our customers. As an outcome, we can provide a comprehensive set configurable software to support your the energy transition goals by means of productivity, quality, performance and safety.

Fully cloud hosted, secure, intuitive and configurable to your requirements.

You require proven

Technical solutions