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  • WTS Energy in Mexico

    December 12th, 2019

    During 2019 WTS Energy Mexico expand its list of respectable clients by offering recruitment & manpower services in Mexican Oil & Gas sector. WTS Energy Mexico as a fully compliant workforce provider in Mexico can play a pivotal role in the increase of contract workforce demand. We source our consultants all around Mexico state but […]

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  • Meet the team: Lennart Rietveld

    December 6th, 2019

    Name: Lennart Rietveld Job Function: Business Manager Mexico Working for WTS Energy since: August 2016 What do you like most about your job: Global Interaction, large projects, freedom in decision making What do you like most about working at WTS Energy: Teamwork, having a positive impact on the Mexican Labor market and consultants by creating […]

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  • WTS Energy in Mozambique

    December 5th, 2019

    WTS Energy recognized Mozambique as an important country with a lot of potential in the Oil & Gas sector. We established our company in 2014 with a goal to offer our innovative solutions to the Mozambique market. Nowadays, we are fully compliant with local legislation, obtaining all required governmental permissions to offer recruitment, manpower, and […]

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  • Meet the team: Jazmin Mayo

    November 27th, 2019

    Name: Jazmin Mayo Job Function: Recruitment & Business Development Working for WTS Energy since: April, 2017 What do you like most about your job:   My own professional objectives are in tune with WTS Energy’s vision; we both love the Energetic Industry and we both know there is where we want to develop and grow. […]

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  • Meeting our consultants in Nigeria

    November 21st, 2019

    Last week, our colleagues from WTS Energy Nigeria paid a visit to our consultants. The reason of this visit was to express their appreciation for their continuous effort, but also to find out their challenges and see how we can serve them better. We visited our consultants on site to experience their everyday work and […]

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  • Opening new office Romania

    November 1st, 2019

    In 2016, when the first discussions of opening the WTS Energy office in Romania have started between the current country manager of WTS Energy Romania, Mihaela Manta (Sarlea) and the CEO of WTS Energy, Frederik Rengers, there were a lot un uncertainties in the oil and gas market. Following years of working on Middle East […]

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