Let our teams run your site

Asset Management

Our most comprehensive service. We operate, maintain and support the entire life cycle of your assets, according to your project’s objectives. Our multi-disciplinary approach maximizes productivity and safety while reducing your operating expenses.

Industry Knowledge and experience are key

It starts with understanding your site and all of its processes.

With 20 years in the field, WTS teams have developed top notch expertise in Operating and Maintaining Assets in remote locations. 

Whether it is providing  Well Services or Onshore Solar Parks. Carrying out Cable Jointing in Offshore Wind Parks. Managing FPSO Crews. Running completions and hot oil pumping. Or, operating a Hydraulic Workover Unit. You name it. 

WTS is the partner you can trust and rely on to properly manage your site.

Seamless integration of our methodologies

WTS’ Integrated Management System

Tailored-made, to fit with your purposes, local environmental regulations, and asset operating procedures.

Plus, it is a system recognized with international standards equivalent to ISO and OSHAS.

The aces up our sleeve

  • In-House Project Management Framework
  • Local Content Development Capability
  • Applications for Remote Operations and Digital Monitoring
  • Overcoming Cultural and Language Barriers

Longer asset lifespan, increased productivity, lower costs.

A crafted service full of benefits

In this partnership your objectives play the starring role. It is your site, at the end of the day.

Our integrated services will always be in alignment with your plans. Our team is ready and available to ensure your infrastructure operates safely and consistently. No matter the time, no matter the weather.

WTS’ operation and maintenance expertise preserves your assets’ lifespan and maximizes your production uptime

Lastly, we only trust ourselves to source and develop the best local talent in the market. 

With WTS teams running your front lines, you can sit back and watch your site run at its peak.