15 skills that will increase your employability in 2020, according to LinkedIn.


Every year, LinkedIn uses its career-oriented data base to create a job market road map, where they identify the specific set of skills that are currently in-demand.

There are still a few months left in 2020, and as the world tries to move on to the post-corona era, many are left seeking for their next career opportunity.

This year, using data from 660+ million professionals in their platform, and 20+ million job postings, LinkedIn has come up with a 15-item list.

The criteria for selection was focused on the skills that are high in demand relatively to their supply. In other words, the skills listed below were commonly found in the profiles of people who are getting hired at the highest rates.

Most in-demand hard skills in 2020

Hard skills are defined as abilities that are teachable and measurable This 2020, the hard skills most sought after are those in the fields of data analysis.

      1. Blockchain
      2. Cloud and distributed computing
      3. Analytical reasoning
      4. Artificial Intelligence
      5. UX design
      6. Business analysis
      7. Affiliate marketing
      8. Sales
      9. Scientific computing
      10. Video production

Most in-demand soft skills in 2020

Contrarily, soft skills pertain more to your character and personality.

      1. Creativity
      2. Persuasion
      3. Collaboration
      4. Adaptability
      5. Emotional Intelligence

Thankfully, LinkedIn also offers a platform where you can access online courses to acquire of further develop any of the above listed skills. So, if you are interested in strengthening your competitive advantage, take a look!

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