Senior Process Engineer – Technical Service

Job Summary 

  • Responsible for management of the Process Monitoring and Optimisation Process for the refinery. Closely monitors key process unit operating conditions and evaluates performance. Provides continuous process engineering support and advice on changes that need to be made to maintain optimum operating conditions, sustain unit throughputs, product yields and qualities, process safety and environmental performance, and maximum profitability, and steps to be taken to address real or impending operating problems. Has direct positive impact on the performance of the process units which generate revenues.  Supports major projects with investment costs of up to US$4 billion like the LSDP Project and the Bahrain Modernisation Programme, in a variety of roles e.g. evaluation and selection of process technologies for basic Engineering Design (values ranging from US$2.5 to 45 million), and direct process engineering support and involvement throughout all project phases from initial studies to Engineering Design, Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering Design, to Procurement & Construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup of new units.

Key Results Area 

  • Process Unit Performance Monitoring and Optimisation 
  • Accountable for all aspects of catalyst management, except direct procurement, to ensure that the right catalyst is always available and loaded into the process units in the right way and in the right quantities, to maximise the yields of the required products with the specified properties, to maximise unit profitability and overall company profitability 
  • Accountable for all aspects of finished product chemical additive management, except direct procurement, to ensure that the right additive is always available and injected into the Refinery finished products to meet product specifications
  • Participates in & provides process engineering expertise for process Incident Investigations (IIR), Management of Change (MOC) reviews, formal Hazard & Operability (Hazop) Studies, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) reviews, Area Reliability Teams, Governance meetings and Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR) to ensure process unit operability, reliability and safety and sustainable, profitable operation 
  • Prepares the budget for catalysts and chemicals used on the process units, monitors performance, usage and stocking levels, liaises with catalyst and chemicals suppliers, initiates procurement activities, and ensures that the right catalysts and chemicals, with the right specifications are available to sustain safe, profitable unit operation. 
  • Develops and monitors the Departmental operating budget. 
  • Participates in environmental, health and safety reviews, meetings and applies the principles in operation and design work


  • Must have a BE or BSc or higher Degree in Chemical Engineering from a recognised University, and must also: 
  • Have 8 to I 0 years of relevant experience, including refinery process engineering 
  • Have a high level of technical expertise in relevant process technologies, a sound understanding of the process units, interactions with upstream and downstream units, and solid practical
  • knowledge of process unit operations 
  • Have excellent supervisory & leadership skills, & the ability to motivate, inspire and influence others 
  • Have excellent verbal & written communications skills 
  • Be a highly developed critical thinker, with excellent analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills 
  • Be self-motivated, use self-initiative and be creative 
  • Have good, practical administrative experience & be able to organise, plan & delegate work effectively 
  • Be able to work well under pressure, meet deadlines and work well in teams .
  • Be available for callout, as necessary, to advise, address & solve problems related to normal operation, upset conditions and emergencies .
  • Be able to coordinate, plan & participate in TSD team efforts to provide 24-hour technical supervision & support during turnarounds, shutdowns & special operations 
  • Be capable of standing in for the TSD Section Superintendent assuming all technical and administrative responsibilities for the Section