Senior Performance Specialist


Support in facilitating the achievement of corporate strategic goals through running the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) / Corporate scorecard tracking and monitoring process in order to ensure that the corporate performance of Company is tracked against the strategic and business plan and relevant gaps are communicated to the business and other issues are raised in a timely manner for resolution.
Key Accountabilities

  • Contribute to the development of the Department business plans and optimal annual budget, in line with the Company’s objectives and work programs to support alignment and arbitration.
  • Support in monitoring and controlling expenditure against the approved Departmental budget on a regular basis, including investigating and reconciling any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control.
  • Support in driving and facilitating the unification and standardization of common KPIs across the Group.
  • Handle the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) / Corporate scorecard tracking and monitoring process (data collection, KPI scoring and report generation etc.) in order to ensure that performance is measured against the business plan and any relevant gaps are highlighted and addressed.
  • Support the monitoring of the financial performance of company Directorates on a regular basis in order to identify any relevant gaps to be addressed promptly.
  • Coordinate with the Directorates and company Group of Companies in order to monitor their progress against the business plan and any gaps are highlighted and addressed accordingly.
  • Support the preparation of any related performance management review events/workshops 
  • Prepare the management reports related to corporate performance in order to ensure that the management is aware of the Group – wide corporate performance. Identify deviations and provide comprehensive analysis and recommendations to the management.
  • Conduct the analysis and production of reports on performance of global peer companies to ensure that the performance of COMPANY can be compared with its peers.
  • Analyse the corporate performance of company based on the internal KPI, scorecards and reports in order to ensure that the senior management is aware of the performance issues (if any) and corrective actions can be taken promptly.
  • Provide benchmark analysis once required for the management



  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering/ or equivalent or relevant discipline.
  • 12-15  years’ relevant experience in corporate performance with management Oil and Gas industry.
  • Prefer to have any international certification related to performance management
  • Advance skills in Microsoft application (Excel, PowerPoint, word…etc)Experience in developing and running customized online performance management system
    Advance skills in providing analysis and preparing reports.