Senior Maintenance Technician Engine


Execute safe and efficient operation of engine room and utility skids.
Assist the MSUP in all matters related to the safe and efficient operation of all machinery.


Area of responsibility covers monitoring and maintenance of all mechanical equipment in engine room and topside.
The management may assign additional tasks not listed in Job Description


  • Supervise of all work performed by Maintenance Technicians
  • Ensure that the engine room with all facilities and equipment are maintained with proper cleanliness and in good working condition
  • Carry out engine room watches as required by MSUP
  • Ensure that vendors and contractors are managed safely and effectively
  • Ensure personnel qualifications are established and that each individual is given the opportunity of improvement through selective on the job training
  • Undertake training relevant to the position requirements
  • Member of Emergency Response Team



  • Delegated authority by MSUP
  • In MSUP’s absence acts as his deputy



·    Have completed education and meet the standard STCW code A-III/2 for chief engineer and second engineer on ships ≥ 3000 kW propulsion power preferably with steam endorsement

·    2 years’ experience on the offshore installations or seagoing service as a second engineer

·    Familiar with Computerized Maintenance Management System

·    Standard of competence according to Yinson Competence Assurance Matrix

·    Very good English written and spoken