Senior HSSE Engineer


  • The HSSE Senior Engineer enables a safe and secure growth in the  HUB Region.
  • The HSSE Senior Engineer is the duputy of the Head of Department.
  • The HSSE Senior Engineer is responsible for the establishment, maitenance and implementation of COMPANY's standards and regulations for Health, Safety, Security and Environment in the Hub Countries.
  • The HSSE Senior Engineer is providing COMPANY Hub  with the necessary expertise, support and guidance in HSSE across the entire COMPANY Hub operated and non-operated portfolio from exploration to abandonment. The role includes providing guidance, assistance and processes for managing and minimizing risks to people, assets, the environment and the ’s reputation.
  • The Senior Engineer is responsible to continuously seek and ensure implementation of sures to improve HSSE performance       


  • Ensure that COMPANY and international standards/industry best practices in the areas of HSSE, process safety, safety engineering, and technical integrity are appropriately and timely integrated in the design of  projects to achieve fit for purpose and safe operations &facilities and demonstration of ALARP.
  • Ensure that overall project HSSE risks are identified and managed up to the successful hand over of the project to asset/operations. Active and visible leadership with respect to HSSE and technical integrity in all activities in the  Hub as a whole and specifically the HSSE Department.
  • Responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of HSSE recommendations and decisions.
  • Responsible for ensuring that HSSE work is conducted in conformance with local laws, COMPANY standards and the Upstream Management System in the  HUB Region.
  • Lead and/ or participate in audits and reviews.
  • Project Owner of specific opportunities / initiatives.
  • Shared responsibility for the management of risk to and reputation of COMPANY  Hub.
  • Responsible for advising HSSE organization in  HUB and operated assets regarding all aspects of Health, Safety, Security and Environment.
  • Responsible for advising the non-operated Assets as above as requested by the Head of Department.
  • Responsible for establishing and  maintaining the HSSE Risk Register for operated and non-operated Assets on  HUB Level
  • Ensuring the PTW system is implemented, auditable and applied according to established guidelines and standards in  HUB.
  • Responsible for monitoring the implementation and compliance of COMPANY operated and non-operated ventures against the COMPANY Corporate HSSE Management system (including local legal requirements.)
  • Responsible for defining, implementing and monitoring HSSE guidelines, procedures and best practices within COMPANY  Hub. Seek to influence non-operated Assets to do likewise.
  • Responsible for providing appropriate and timely support and expertise in incident investigation, recording the findings and subsequently monitoring the follow-up of remedial actions.
  • Responsible for facilitating and ensuring a resilient Emergency Response and Business Continuity processes with COMPANY Management as required.
  • Responsible for collating, analyzing and reporting HSSE performance and statistics..
  • Responsible for coordinating and reporting Process Safety progress against objectives. (depending on the organization)
  • Responsible for managing HSSE contracts and contractors.


  • Education- University degree Master/Diploma
  • Subject of Education- Engineering/Safety/Environment
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Industry specific experience, international exposure, strong leadership skills
  • Ideally the candidate would have previous experience working in the Middle East and have excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills