Senior Chemist


Job Summary

Ensure continued effective operation of the Laboratory. Oversees the training of Laboratory staff, manages and supervises the Laboratory Precision Program and Inter-Laboratory Correlation Program participation, to ensure the availability of competent staff and assure quality of the data generated by the Laboratory. Also administers the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to ensure that an effective laboratory data management system is always available to deliver data across the Refinery.

Key Results Area

• Assures quality of the data generated by the Laboratory through administering its participation in (a) international inter-laboratory proficiency/cross-check programs and (b) the internal precision and sample recycling programs.

• Supervises the training of staff in the use of test methods, administers the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and ensures the availability of the most up-to-date software plus the most appropriate sub-systems.

• Ensures implementation of the Company and Laboratory Quality Assurance Systems, the Fire, Health and Safety (FHS) standards and procedures, and the Environmental Management System.

• Frequently uses PC and IT systems, such as EMPAC, LIMS, e-mail, Spreadsheet and Database systems.

Works under pressure on special assignments.






Bachelor of Chemistry, or equivalent.

10 years work experience at a responsible level in a modern petroleum testing laboratory, operating an internationally recognized Quality System.

Must have a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of testing methodology for crude oil, refinery process streams and a full range of finished petroleum products.

Must be fully conversant with calibration and standardization methods and practices needed for petroleum laboratory analysers/equipment.

Must be (a) numerate, (b) have a good comprehension of statistical methodology and (c) be computer literate.

Must be conversant with the use of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and have the depth of knowledge to be able to function as the Laboratory LIMS Administrator.

Must have good interpersonal qualities and be able to train and motivate a multi-disciplinary team of Laboratory staff.

Must have excellent written and spoken English.

Must be able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

Must be able to work well in teams.

 Is available for callout (24/7), as neces