Process Control Inspector

Focuses on safe performance of work, ensuring compliance with construction contract documents; ensuring corporate requirements and initiatives related to contractor health, safety and environment (HSE) are followed

Verify that the contractor meets all contract obligations and COMPANY personnel inspect and verify quality assurance, rather than direct or control, the contractor's field Construction operations

Responsible for performing the required verification of the correctness and adequacy of the construction contractor's work in accordance with applicable specification, drawing and procedural requirements

Verify that work in progress is being performed in accordance with applicable specification, drawing and procedural requirements

Ensure that corrective actions are taken to resolve the conditions

Initiate, for defective work, a technical assurance alert or nonconformance report and submit the report to Freeport LNG construction management

Responsible for observing and reporting on construction activities in their specific areas of assignment

Authority to recommend stop work to the Contractor

Witness Contractor's activities and endorse Suppliers' and Contractor's quality records, as appropriate

Witness acceptance tests and perform final quality check prior to acceptance of equipment and materials, as appropriate

Perform quality inspection activities in accordance with the Quality Plan


Extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry in a project Quality supervisory role. Experienced in selected inspection discipline Experienced in set up and alignment of high speed electric motors and compressors
Must be able to assure the correctness of the fit, acceptable tolerances, alignment, embedment and mating of all critical parts of the field assembled drivers and driven units e.g. pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, etc.