Maintenance Team Leader-NDT Equipment

Managing, leading and supervising the different maintenance teams (Base Maintenance Groups, TPM Operators, and Expert Maintenance Groups) as they fulfill their essential roles in managing the maintenance live cycle of the machines, systems, and/or technology under their responsibilities; by complying with HSE (health, safety and environmental) standards, utilization and cost budgets, as well as applying continues improvement principals and philosophies.


Main Responsibilities:


       Participate in the HSE objectives definitions; establishing and implementing programs and actions applicable to the area under his/her responsibility for continual improvement of HSE performance.

       Ensure compliance with the safety performance indicators; by implementing safety policies/procedures and applicable legislation, executing the needed preventative/corrective safety activities and/or actions in the area under his/her responsibility.

       Ensure the proper understanding and implementation of safety and environmental policies and procedures by the personnel in the area under his/her responsibility.

       Ensure prompt correction of unsafe actions and conditions, as well as promote safe behaviors of the personnel in the area under his/her responsibility.

       Complies with COMPANY policies, procedures and management standards, and ensures adherence with all laws and regulations that apply to the area under his/her responsibility.

       Proactively motivates, coaches, communicates with, and develops his/her staff.

       Managing HR related activities in line with Human Resources norms and procedures.

       Organize and execute the needed personnel training, as well as promote career development.

       Protects from damage, theft or misuse the facilities, equipment and other physical resources assigned to his/her area of responsibility.

       Be a technical reference for the processes, equipment, and systems used for NDT and in the UTPA areas.

       Be a technical reference for the equipment, and systems used for automation, networks, control and robotics throughout the industrial site.




       Ensures compliance with Company process quality standards and procedures.

       Develop failure analysis and corrective actions needed, as well as monitors the effectiveness of their implementation.

       Develop, implement, and execute a comprehensible maintenance program (in coordination and with the support of the centralized maintenance area) for all systems and equipment related to NDT and UTPA areas, that will guaranty complying with the goals and targets assigned to those areas.

       Define, implement, and ensure compliance of maintenance plans.

       Define, implement, and ensure compliance of maintenance pin plans.

       Plan and execute maintenance (Extraordinary and Ordinary) activities per budget year and propose the annual maintenance cost budget.

       Ensures complying with the production and maintenance cost objectives according to established budget, supervising and monitoring the consumption of key supplies.

       Controls direct purchases and the proper and efficient use of third party services (including the certification process).

       Guarantees compliance and respect for the consumption targets/goals, carrying out appropriate actions on employees' behavior that contribute to the improvement and/or productive/efficient use of the plant resources, as well as the decrease of the energy consumptions and waste.

       Supervise the correct use of the computerized systems established for the technical historical record keeping of the equipment/assets and management control, i.e. SAP PM.


Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, or Equivalent.

Five years of experience working and leading teams in operating or performing maintenance activities on NDT equipment and systems in automated heavy industry facilities.



-     Advance knowledge of predictive maintenance (Thermography and Vibration results interpretation)

-     Basic knowledge of Mechanical Equipment (gearboxes, bearings, couplings, precision alignment, universal joints, safety coupling, hydraulic actuators)

-     Basic knowledge of Hydraulic Equipment (Hydraulic diagrams and drawings interpretation; Hydraulic filtration and conditioning systems; Directional, Proportional, and Servo Valves system; Hydraulic capsules)

-     Basic knowledge of Lubrication Theory and systems (grease types for complex applications; force and/or positive grease and oil systems; oil analysis and interpretation of oil analysis results)

-     Expert knowledge on NDT (Non Destructive Tests) methods, equipment, and systems applicable to OCTG.

-     Advance knowledge of AC Motor and VFD systems (Siemens S-120 and G-120 drives)

-     Advance knowledge of Power Distribution and Motor Control Systems (Contactors, breakers, motors, encoders)

-     Advance knowledge of Instrumentation Systems (Profinet able sensors and instruments)

-     Advance knowledge of Digital/Electrical Control Systems (Siemens S7-1500 F PLCs, Siemens Step 7 engineering software, Profinet, Profisafe, Profi Energy, I Device, Share Device, Profinet I/O, Mobile Panel MP277F IWLAN V2, Aps SCALANCE W788-2RR, Cisco switches operative system, VLAN, RSTP, PortChannel)

-     Intermediate knowledge of robotic cells and CNC Machines and controls.

-     Advance Knowledge of Equipment Inspection Techniques (complex equipment condition detection techniques)