FPSO Training Facilitator

  •  Develop general training modules on the overview of the company's FPSO operations for all personnel..
  • • Organize and deliver training sessions as scheduled in collaboration with the Training Coordinator. 
  • • Deliver training assessments before and after training sessions to ascertain impact of training delivered. 
  • • Continuously perform evaluations of training module documentations (slides, supporting write-up, quiz, and 
  • training manual) and delivery style with the support of engineers and technicians to reflect the technical 
  • requirements of the Company's FPSO Operations. 
  • • Manage all training session documentations and provide regular copy to the Training Coordinator. 
  • • Develop new training modules as necessary based on any modification to the facilities. 
  • • Maintain and propose development of the process simulators 
  • • Deliver on the job training support to production operators. 
  • • Perform site general presentation as requested.


  • 5 years or more on Oil and Gas trainer positions, preferably onsite. 
  • 20 years or more experience in Oil and Gas related positions. 
  • Offshore experience. 
  • Proficient with Trainer Simulator.