Documentation Specialist

In the position, Documentation Specialist shall follow company policies and adhere to company regulations.  Cooperation and support of colleagues is expected.  Process the import and export documentation for the company’s tanker vessels, primarily for U.S. Gulf Coast Region.  Issue  bills of lading.  Communicate bill of lading (BL) facts and figures with overseas offices for approval prior  to issuance in Houston.  Meet U.S. Customs deadlines for import and export cargo.  File and maintain AMS for all vessels arriving to U.S. with cargo for discharge or in transit cargo.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.  Excellent customer service skills with primary focus being, but not limited to freight  forwarders and customs house brokers.
        Update and e-mail position list daily.
        Make voyage files (Port Operator/Agent/NOR-SOF/Documentation) for each vessel assigned.
        Update local Houston position list on Monday from the fleet list provided by HQ.
        Prepare and maintain voyage files for all operational activities.
        Communicate bill of lading (BL) facts and figures with HQ offices for approval prior to issuance in Houston.
        Meet U.S. Customs deadlines for import and export cargo.
        Pull discharge and load orders for all vessels assigned.
        File and maintain AMS for all vessels arriving into U.S. utilizing the following steps:  find copies of bls, assign SCAC codes, add to system, await approval, send to all port
        agents, monitor and change as necessary, monitor entries for all cargos, troubleshooting entry issues, divert cargos as needed, arrive and depart each port.
        Collect OBL’s and U.S. Customs entries for all import cargos to Houston/Texas City/Freeport/Beaumont area prior to discharge.
        Provide check list verifying all import documents in place prior to vessel arrival for discharge.
        Send bill of lading details to all proper freight forwarders prior to loading.
        Ensure AES is filed for all cargos before load.
        Maintain load orders showing on board dates, stowage, ship and bill of lading figures, date BL received and released, ship protests, and dead freight.
        Send completed load orders to all Captains upon approval of all BL figures for all cargos loaded ex U.S. Gulf.
        Send all BL’s to HQ for Vessel Operator review and release.
        Release BL within 24 hours of receipt to customer.
        Create export manifests for discharge ports as necessary (S. America ports).
        Email all BL’s to ports of destination in a timely manner.
        Upload BL’s to ISS for all assigned vessels.
        Work closely with customers on documentation changes and communicate those changes to all.
        Manage contact lists for all customs house brokers/freight forwarders, receivers and suppliers.
        Issue BL’s for U.S. customers upon request for shipments not originating or coming to U.S.
        Make close out check list for voyage vessel files.
        Open daily mail, distribute faxes.
        Order office supplies.
        Assist agents with documentation/paper work as necessary.
        Attend to other matters as assigned by supervisor
        Follow company policies and comply with company regulations. Cooperate and support colleagues.
        In case of absence, the employee’s supervisor will assume and/or assign responsibility for this position’s duties.
        Perform other job related duties as assigned.


·        High school diploma or GED
·        Experience with logistics freight forwarding would be helpful.
·        Excellent organizational skills and ability to coordinate many logistical activities at the same time, with attention to detail.
·        Ability to problem solve under pressure, and manage extensive and constant communications via phone and email
·        Use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook to communicate and to maintain accurate records and logs
·        Must be detail oriented.