Chief Accountant

 ROLE DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the preparation and validation of all financial reports. All laws and
regulations must be followed precisely when preparing these reports. Also Responsible for conducting Audits
or supporting external audits to stay updated on all of the financial activity to ensure finances are in order

  • Assisting the CFO to develop and update Accounting, financial and management policies and
  • procedures in accordance with IFRS.
  • Coordinate the Account Department activities and manage team effort
  • Implementing the accounting/financial and management policies using SAGE and to produce the monthly and quarterly management accounts 15th working day of the month following the Accounting period.
  • Reconcile control accounts and sorting out the discrepancies and making recommendations to CFO
  • Review transactions codes to ensure correctness of general ledgers classification
  • Prepare monthly management financial statements and information relevant for performance measurement, including financial analysis.
  • Prepare monthly loan analysis, survey of monthly schedules and ensure that interest charged o account is in line with applicable offer letter
  • Prepare annual final financial statements in compliance with IFRS and Regulations
  • Liaise with external auditors on final audit and carryout pre audit of books, record and accounts
  • Review and update controls in sage accounting software
  • Review all financial postings in SAGE and update the chart of accounts
  • Review Bank Reconciliation by 10th of succeeding month
  • Prepare Petroleum Profit Tax and other Tax Returns
  • Supervise Tax issues to ensure compliance with tax returns and remittance of PPT, VAT, WHT, PAYE etc
  • Liaise with NEITI consultants to prepare NEITI reports
  • Review bank / loan reconciliation statements
  • Develop reports and summaries of the business financial position and performance in areas of income expenses, capital usage, liabilities and assets utilization for CFO’s use
  • Prepare year-end statutory accounts, tax returns, asset registers and schedules
  • Manage intercompany processes and prepare financial statements for the associated companies
  • Recommend, implement and update accounting and finance’s policies and procedures in accordance with IFRS, regulations and SAGE Evolution software (7)
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by the management