Recruitment & Selection

WTS Energy caters to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors to meet the needs of the international oil, gas and energy industry. With offices in 17 countries and an operational presence in 50 countries, WTS Energy delivers local expertise with a global reach.

From subsea and geoscience to production and distribution, WTS Energy provides manpower for the entire energy industry, including oil, gas, nuclear and renewable resources. We have direct access to nearly 1 million highly-skilled oil and gas professionals from specialised functions in petroleum engineering, drilling management, project management and more. Our talent pool stretches across the globe, with candidates in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas, and allows us to provide both expats and local experts, based on client’s requirements.

WTS Energy supplies technical, operational and managerial professionals to the world’s most successful energy companies. We have extensive expertise in Middle East contracting, including a variety of challenging or high-risk locations.

WTS Energy further supports the recruitment and selection needs by providing assistance with work order management. By centralising and professionalising the process, we help in operating cost reduction to gain better visibility into the projects and staffing requirements.

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