Operational Support Services

We provide different Operational Support Services:

Payroll Services
WTS Energy offers payroll services wherein oil and gas contractors are technically employed by us instead of working directly for the clients in the oil and gas industry. Besides managing the legal, administrative and financial aspects of employment, WTS Energy’s payroll services helps the oil and gas companies to streamline their recruitment and employment processes. Read More..

Visa & Work Permit Services
WTS Energy extends support to mobilise consultants which includes visa application for the country of assignment. We consider all the factors like area of work (offshore or onshore), cost of living expenses, employment duration and travel requirements to secure visas, with minimal hassle. We offer assistance with transit, entry and exit visas to cover the term of employment, and help in obtaining visas for additional locations, for consultant’s business trips during their assignment. Read More..

Taxes & Local Compliance
WTS Energy has an in-depth knowledge of taxation and local compliance and offer tax-related support to ensure consultants and businesses (for start-up operations in new locations) are compliance with the latest regulations. Read More..

WTS Energy provides comprehensive insurance assistance for oil and gas consultants. After a thorough assessment of the job type, employment location, working conditions and other factors, we select the most suitable insurance policies for each individual or project. Read More.. 

WTS Energy provides complete support to the oil and gas consultants throughout the duration of their contract. We facilitate a comprehensive mobilisation programme, which is initiated on the acceptance of offer, and progresses with the arrangement of visas, insurance, work permits, accommodation and more. Mobilisation concludes with a repatriation process to ensure a smooth transition once the job is done. Read More..