Pipeline jobs

WTS Energy helps major global energy companies fill their most important vacancies, including a wide range of pipeline jobs. Whether you’re just starting your career or have years of pipeline experience, we can assist you with finding your next job. Just browse through our online vacancies or create a candidate account to get started.

Wide variety of pipeline jobs available

With literally millions of kilometers of pipelines stretched over the globe, there are a huge variety of pipeline jobs available. From onshore locations in continental Europe to offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, we recruit qualified candidates for a wide array of positions, including pipeline engineers, pipeline inspectors, welders, pipelayers and more.

Superior global support

WTS Energy not only provides personalized service during the recruitment process, we also offer excellent support throughout your entire employment period. Depending on your position, we offer assistance with housing, work permits, relocation and more. Our in-depth local knowledge and network of regional offices means you can rely on WTS no matter where your pipeline job is based.

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