Senior Internal Auditor (Technical & Operations)

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  • Regions Middle East
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • Type of Employment Permanent
  • Job number WTSZM24893

About the job

Scope of Duties:
  • Participates actively in the preparation of the annual and long term audit plans.  Participates in identifying the technical & operational activities subject to audit coverage, evaluating their significance and assessing the degree of risk involved in the activity in terms of business continuity, cost and quality. 
  • Conducts Technical & Operational Audits based on the annual plan in a highly professional manner and in accordance with the Internal Auditing Standards particular converging the areas including; Operations, Maintenance, HSE, Projects, Inspection, Laboratory, Asset Reliability, Engineering, Overhaul & Turnaround and Technical Services etc…
  • Identifies measures and prioritizes the risk in the audit process to address the auditable areas of greatest significance and determines the scope of the audit. 
  • Analyzes and assists to evaluate the plant related activities so as to ensure that adequate controls exists and approved policies & procedures are complied with by the concerned departments.
  • Prepares formal written reports and action plans on the adequacy and effectiveness of the system of controls and the efficiency with which plant related activities are carried out.
  • Conducts follow up of the agreed action plan with the concerned Departments to ensure adequacy and timeliness of remedial action.
  • Participates in on-the-job training for staff with emphasis on UAE Nationals and coordinates the training programs for the Internal Audit Division staff.
  • Plans, coordinates and supervises the work of assigned personnel to ensure that approved audit objectives are met and that sufficient audit coverage is achieved.
  • Conducts special assignments and other internal audit / advisory related activities as assigned by Vice President - Internal Audit.
Terms and Conditions

Location        :    Abu Dhabi - (Resident Based)
Company      :    State Owned Oil Company 
Type              :    Staff Role 


Minimum Requirements:
  • Degree in Engineering with CIA / ACA / CPA / MBA qualification or equivalent.  
  • Total 10 years’ experience (including Technical & Audit) with minimum 6 years audit experience preferably in the oil & gas sector or related industries in a computerized system environment.  Competency on the review and evaluation of key plant related activities i.e. Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Projects etc.
  • Good knowledge of the principles, procedures and practices of auditing including planning and sampling methods involved in conducting audits.
  • Extensive knowledge in applying technical standards & practices, management principles and preferred business practices.
  • Good experience in executing risk and process based internal audits. 
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills (English), active listening skills and convincing presentation skills.
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