Drilling Engineer (Equipment – Wellhead Engineer)

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  • Regions
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • Type of Employment Permanent
  • Job number WTSBK24396

About the job

Job Purpose:
Conducts necessary studies on new and existing Drilling Technology, equipment, tools & programmes, procedures and methods for necessary enhancement and improvement to secure efficient and safe Drilling Operations. Keeps abreast with recent development of new drilling technology, equipment, tools, methods and procedures. Proposes the usage of new techniques, equipment, tools, drafts methods and procedures as well as reviews & recommends amendments to the existing ones to improve operations achievements in economical, safe and optimum manner. Evaluates and implements necessary recommendations of adjustments and/or trouble‑shooting problems.
General Principal Accountabilities
  • Collects data from various sources and conducts necessary studies on new drilling technology, methods, equipment, tools and makes appropriate recommendations to improve drilling operations for Supervisor(s)' review and approval prior to implementation.
  • Prepares special programmes for using new equipment and tools for the first time on trial basis. Follows up and studies encountered problems of specific wells and new equipment, tools, methods and evaluates performance for necessary adjustment.
  • Evaluates performance of the existing drilling technology/equipment/ tools and makes necessary recommendations to enhance/improve drilling operations achievements.            And Works closely with Service Companies and Commercial Division to ensure that equipment meets the Company standards and expectations.
  • Maintains close and continuous contacts with Service Companies engineers and sales representatives to keep abreast with recent development of new technology/equipment/ tools/methods and procedures, studies adaptability to the Company operations and recommends appropriate actions.
  • Follows up the equipment installation with operation groups on daily basis to ensure high level performance.
  • Works closely with drilling operations group to maintain continuous review and update of procedures outlined in the DORM and with Drilling Division's Performance Track Engineer to ensure updating the computer data base on time.
  • Follows up and evaluates the daily drilling operations performance and ensures abidance to the Company's Safety Policy, procedures and standards and follows up specific contracts.
  •       Performs other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such as: participating in special task forces and workshops related to drilling activities, carrying out specific studies, preparing necessary reports, training UAE Nationals Juniors/personnel
  • Creates CAT ID’s for new equipment, review and enhances the specs of the existing equipment to reflect the performance requirements and the applicable standards.
  • Ensures equipments forecast in line with the existing stocks and outstanding PO’s /Price Agreements for tendering the new requirements in coordination with Commercial Division regularly to meet the approved Bar chart schedules.
  • Allocates the required equipment on six months basis to cover the drilling Bar chart rig activities. Prepares service orders for equipment with special well situation.
  • Carries out equipment tenders technical evaluation, and shares the contracts job officers in the relevant services tenders’ technical evaluation. Participates in new suppliers/manufacturers pre-qualifications and audits.
  • Works in line with HSE policy, and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates.
Wellhead Engineer Principal Accountabilities
  • Bringing the latest wellhead technologies that suites wells such as but not limited to:
    • Conductor sharing wellheads.
    • Gas tight mud line suspension system.
    • Quick connection surface landing rings.
    • Unitized wellheads.
    • Segmented clamp connections.
    • Internal latch casing and tubing hangers.
    • Smart wells and Multi-lateral wells wellheads.
  • Studying the Company business plan for five years ahead and be accountable to make all required types of wellheads are available for two years ahead minimum.
  • Wellhead available stocks inventory and complying with company minimum – maximum levels.
  • Controlling wellhead spares consumption and replenishment.
  • Follow up daily operations of rigs running wellheads ensuring smooth installations and trouble shooting.
  • Failures investigation reports and corrective actions.
  • Managing all on going wellhead price agreements and vendor management inventories.
  • Responsible officer for all wellheads service engineer contracts and wellhead repair contracts including scope of work, budgeting, and invoicing.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Location: Abu Dhabi


  • Bachelor Degree in Petroleum/Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • 5 - 6 years experience in drilling operations and engineering work with at least 2 years involvement in studies of drilling technology, equipment and methods.
  • Very good knowledge of English.
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