Global recruitment team

Global recruitment team with local reachGlobal recruitment team
with local reach

With our global recruitment team and regional offices, we have the capability to provide local talent or expat professionals, based on the client requirements.

Our international operations team offers complete support to ensure smooth transition of contractors throughout the entire recruitment and employment process.

With in-depth local knowledge and regional offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America, we deliver superior support wherever the client’s operations are based.


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WTS Energy’s total Service Package

Our support services address all the essential requirements for successful international assignments. We assist candidates with documentation like visas and work permits.

We also offer a comprehensive insurance coverage, including healthcare and emergency policies. During every step of the process, our team of experienced professionals will treat your information with the utmost care and confidentiality.

WTS Energy`s total Service package

Competency management

Competency management

Pay-rolling / Billing Services

Upon deployment, we assist our contractors with accommodation and transportation, as well as local training for a smooth transition.
Throughout the employment period, our Global Operations Team is available 24X7 for additional support, including medical assistance.

WTS Energy’s complete support offering also includes pay-rolling and billing services. Our years of experience in major oil and gas producing countries means we have a thorough understanding of regional payroll requirements, including tax compliance for national and expat employees.


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