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If you're ready to find new and challenging rig mechanic jobs, start your search with WTS Energy. We're a leading recruiter for the oil and gas sector, helping major companies fill their most essential roles. View our current vacancies for rig mechanic jobs or create a candidate account and tell us more about your experience.

Rig mechanic jobs available worldwide

The total number of oil and gas rigs continues to grow, meaning that qualified rig mechanics are always in demand. These jobs offer excellent opportunities to work abroad with an international team, in regions as diverse as South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Rig mechanic jobs require a high level of technical expertise to keep the entire rig and drilling equipment in good working order, and are compensated accordingly.

Working with WTS

Living and working offshore, rig mechanic jobs can be exciting as well as stressful. WTS offers excellent support before and during your employment period to help ensure your success on the job. Depending on the role, this includes assistance with relocation, work permits, arranging insurance and more. Contact us to learn more about finding rig mechanic jobs with WTS.

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