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WTS Energy recruits piping engineers for the world's most important energy companies. With years of experience, we offer industry knowledge, relocation assistance and local support to all of our consultants. If you're looking for a new piping engineer job, create a candidate account or browse our current vacancies.

Piping engineer roles & responsibilities

We're looking for piping engineers with experience in the oil and gas sector. You'll be expected to work closely with other engineers and designers, communicate effectively and successfully manage deadlines and costs. You'll also oversee or provide input on specification, procurement, construction and maintenance. Regardless of your specific area of expertise, WTS will work closely with you to find a suitable piping engineer role.

International opportunities

WTS Energy helps candidates find rewarding positions in the world's major oil and gas regions. With millions of kilometers of pipelines stretching across the globe, piping engineers are needed in countries as diverse as Australia, Kazakhstan, Canada and Argentina to name just a few. Contact WTS to tell us more about your ideal piping engineer job and where you'd prefer to be based.

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