Exciting oil rig jobs worldwide

International oil rig jobs provide exciting opportunities to travel the world and work in a truly global environment. WTS Energy helps leading energy companies find qualified candidates for contract and permanent positions. We have oil rig job openings in all the major energy-producing regions, from the Gulf of Mexico and South American to the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Senior & entry-level oil rig jobs

WTS helps candidates find oil rig jobs for every interest and level of expertise. Entry-level positions include roustabouts, welders, radio operators, deck crew and more. But many applicants have 10 or more years of experience in highly specialized positions like offshore installation managers, drilling engineers or toolpushers. Even if you're hoping to make a move from another industry, WTS can provide advice on suitable oil rig jobs.

Find your next job with WTS

Are you ready to learn more about opportunities on offshore platforms? Let WTS help you find rewarding oil rig jobs that match your unique skills. Review the current vacancies or create a candidate account to get started with your job search.

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