The world’s leading employers in the oil and gas industry turn to WTS Energy for our extensive range of recruitment & selection services, including managing work orders. Depending on your needs, we can help you address every detail of your work orders, from health insurance to local transportation – while ensuring you stick to your budget.

Work orders for oil & gas – from creation to fulfilment
We take as much of the work order process off your hands as you require. We can create work orders under our own name, or make them on behalf of our clients. The layout and information included in each document can be customised to your specifications. Our trustworthy, professional team can efficiently manage your work orders and reduce your internal administration.

Complete support for you and your contractors
Creating and managing work orders is just one aspect of the services we provide. In addition to recruiting experienced candidates, we provide extensive support before, during and after the employment period. That includes everything from medical exams, visas and work permits to repatriation programmes.

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